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RAW Vegan Superfood Powders UK

New Products Instock @ The Adaptogen Herb Shop

We have added lots of new exciting products this week at The Adaptogen Herbs Shop. Several new “superfoods” have been added to our range including Bee Bread, Raw Pine Pollen Powder and Na’vi Organics Elixir Supreme Superfood Blend. We have added a range of full-spectrum 10:1 medicinal mushroom extract powders including Full Spectrum Cordyceps CS-4 […]

Bee Bread Health Benefits

Bee Bread – The Next Great Apitherapeutic Superfood

Bee Bread is one of my favorite “superfoods” and I thought I would kick-start our new blog section by dedicating an article to this highly nutritive functional food. Bee Bread is also known as Ambrosia (food of the Gods) or Perga. It is a natural substance created by the bees as a potent food source […]