Premium Bee Bread (Ambrosia / Perga) Medicinal Quality 250g

Premium Bee Bread (Ambrosia / Perga) Medicinal Quality 250g


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Premium Bee Bread (Ambrosia / Perga) Medicinal Quality 250g – Na’vi Organics

Our bee bread is sourced in the pristine region of the Altai, Siberia.

Bee Bread is also known as Ambrosia (food of the Gods) or Perga. It is a natural substance created by the bees as a potent food source for feeding their young. It is an alchemical mixture of about 25% honey and 75% pollen gathered by bees. This mixture is stored along with with the enzymes found in bee saliva, which infuses the pollen with a broad range of natural probiotic bacteria and yeasts, and begins the process of fermentation and predigestion – making the end product highly bio-available for both bees and humans!

Our naturally gathered bee bread comes direct from the hives, gathered fresh and from a pristine area without pollution or urbannisation, so you are guaranteed a pure, high potency fomula made by the bees for your well-being and health.

In comparison to bee pollen, bee bread has 4 times the bio-availability, and due to its rich content, Bee bread is one of the oldest known dietary supplements in the world and a has been used and revered for millenia. According to American Apitherapy Society, it is used by almost every Olympic athlete in the world. Early Egyptians and the ancient Chinese believed it was rejuvenator and a medicine.

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